Some facts about breast cancer
and the environment

Toxic Bust
Chemicals and Breast Cancer

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Did you know that…?

Every 13 minutes a woman dies of  
    breast cancer.

…The risk for breast cancer has nearly
    tripled since 1940.  Now, one in seven  
    women will be diagnosed with breast 
    cancer in her lifetime.

…White women are most likely to be
    diagnosed with breast cancer, black 
    women are more likely to die from it.

…Less than 10% of breast cancers are 

...60% of people with breast cancer do not 
   have any of the “known” personal risk
   factors. In otherwords, the so-called  
   known risk factors, like late menopause,
   having children late in life, and family
   history are present in only 40% of breast
   cancer cases.

…Federal breast cancer research has  
    increased dramatically in the last ten
    years, but less than 3% of those funds 
    have gone into investigating the 
    environmental links to breast cancer.

...Your breasts may contain up to 200  
   toxic chemicals. Some of these  
   chemicals are known carcinogens, or
   can harm the reproductive system.


...Non-industrialized countries have lower breast 
  cancer rates than industrialized countries.
...People who move to industrialized countries from  
   countries with low rates develop the breast cancer 
   rates of the industrialized country.
...Estrogen stimulates breast cell growth. Excess
   amounts of estrogen are thought to contribute to 
   breast cancer risk. Some chemicals, such as the
   pesticide dieldrin, organochlorines, and certain
   plastics additives, act like estrogen in the body.
...Of an estimated 100,000 synthetic chemicals in
   commercial use today, more than 90% have never   
   been tested for their effects on human health.

...Ionizing radiation is a proven cause of breast cancer.
   The effect of exposures to low levels of radiation can
   build up in the body and do harm. This does not  
   mean that you should never get another x-ray, but
   you should be mindful of your exposure to radiation.

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